29. Fashion on Etsy

Another round-up of some hot Etsy gear for fashionistas and their ilk:

flutter: collars are hot. you heard it here first.

ruffeoheartslilsnoty: inventors of the sars guard.

emily ryan: sculpted fabric at its best.

i heart norwegian wood: fringy. mmm.

I love Etsy, you guys! I especially love searching the treasuries...
xxoo. Happy weekend!


28. She's back on the streets...finally!

Some street style again! I won't try to explain to you why I love each of the below outfits - it would take away the magic - but suffice it to say I think the compositions are fabulous - simple...but perfectly complete. I've said too much already...

hint: it's all in the details...

PS. Garance Dore has posted some AWESOME photos from Stockholm. Check them out!


27. Student Work ... Finally!

Originally, I set out to create this blog as a place where fashionphiles could all come together and rejoice at their communal coolness, but also and most importantly, as a showcase for student work - a place where fashion students, new designers, and people who simply like to create and sew could show the world the work they are proud of.

So I'm absolutely thrilled to show you some photo's from my classmate, Rachel's first fashion show. What an awesome experience and what a brave and talented individual! Check out her blog for more photos here.

Designer: Rachel Dagdagen
Photographer: Daniel Porter

Someone else who I really wanted to meet in person and photograph is the uber-talented Zana of the blog Garbage Dress. Unfortunately holiday schedules being what they are and seeing as she is skipping town here any day now to go to Berlin (!) I will make do with showing you the gorgeous photos she took of her creations and style.

There is so much unique and creative and gorgeous work being done out there by people who are not famous! I love ordinary people. Thanks Rachel and Zana for making beautiful clothes! You are a huge inspiration!


26. Editorial | Vogue Nippon July 2007

Sorry I haven't been doing too much street style lately. It's been rainy and dull and actually the one time I saw a super cute outfit - lots of navy and pink and stripes, pink converse too - the person didn't want to be photographed. :( So here's another really fabulous editorial - I love how well the vision is executed and how silvery, beachy and 1920s glam it all is! I want to go to there! :)


25. Fashion Photo | Vogue Paris Oct 08

Love this styling:

photographer: Mario Testino
models: Lakshmi Menon and Yasmin Warsame <><><>


24. Belgium Style - the Antwerp Six

An innocuous mumu --- or is it?

Another Styleportation! This time we're off to Belgium, which caught the eye of the fashion world in the 1980's with a group of designers the London media termed the Antwerp Six. The Six are: Ann Demeulemeester, Marina Yee, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Bikkembergs, Dirk Van Saene and Dries Van Noten (clockwise from top left).

As badly as some of you (read: me) may want them to belong to some cool secret society together, their only real connection is they all went to the same school and graduated within a year of each other. Design-wise, they're worlds apart.

Of the six, I only knew of Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten so I decided to do a little researchy-roo to see what I could dig up on the others.

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. Dirk Bikkembergs does sporty-flashy stuff for guys - basically the exact thing Beckham might wear, but I might puke on.

Marina Yee actually sounds like the most avante garde of the bunch, but it is very, very hard to find info on her - her fashion work was sporadic and sparse and she went on to do other things having to do with art and installations and the like. She did design some cool t-shirts for DAA (Designers Against Aids) pictured below:

Pleasantly surprised by Walter VB and Dirk Van Saene, while their styles are decidedly different, both contain ample amounts of humor and whimsy.

Here's Van Bierendonck's latest:

His work has been described as a "crazy circus." It's definitely in-your-face.

By contrast Van Saene is far more subtle. I wasn't sure I liked him till I found the above blue dress. Turns out each of the sleeves has a Makonde face! How cool is that?

Nice! Same thing here: A dress that is very Martha Stewart and boring at first - but the back of the belt says, "It's too early for that dress!" and introduces a little secret only the wearer knows about.

It is hard finding images of Van Saene's stuff! I wish I could see more. While searching, tho, I dug up a lot of other up and coming Belgian designers so stay tuned for part 2 of this post - say, sometime in February. ;)


24. Fashion Photos | Yasunari Kikuma

Working on a post but it's taking me a while, so here's some eye candy to tide you over from fashion photographer Yasunari Kikuma. I am such a sucker for that girl and her horse, wild hearts can't be broken, etc. biz so you know which one's my favorite. :)

@ the artist and his model


23. Drop-Crotch Outfit #1 Style

Well hello. Still skeptical about the drop-crotch --- OKAY. I have an idea. Let's not call them that. Let's call them... drop + crotch + harem + hammer = protchemer pants. At least for the time being till someone figures out a better name. --- so, protchemer pants - still not a fan? Here I am wearing a grey pair from Zara - backwards, mind you, with a thrifted sweater and flat, yes, flat boots, even though I said not to. Honestly, this would look better with heels but I just "rediscovered" these boots, so I'm playing with them.


22. Sart Style

Yay or nay?

I personally am a yay. As a person who has always had trouble finding pants that fit, the drop-crotch (okay - can we not call it that? And hammer pants - also a no. Harem pants? Puts feminists in a tizzy...what do we call these pants???) is a god-send - super-comfy and I personally think, quite elegant - IF worn the right way.

Some tips for wearing harem pants:

1) Wear heels. Get some comfy platforms. For me, its the only way I can pull them (the pants) off.
2) My favorite top combo to wear is a tight tank tucked in, plus a bolero jacket/sweater. The silhouette should be tight through the waist, but with enough body and structure around the shoulders/bodice to balance the baggy-ness of the pants.
3)If the pants are fitted around the ankle and calf, I think they look better.

Maybe I'll post some pics of my favorite drop-crotch outfits later...

My favorite part though - the colors and the pattern mix - leopard and plaid. I'm a convert.


21. Perfectly Accessorized Style

Well, it's been a while. Apologies for that. You all know what busy's like, but posts should get more regular from now on, I hope. 

Anyway, who's seen this dress at Anthro? I love this dress, but what I love even more is how awesomely it's been accessorized! The outfit below is perfect down to the last detail: 

Please note (going from top down :), the cream beret, the golden wing earrings, the green jacket with brooch and wide belt and the boots with the triple buckles. Nice one. ;)



20. Raquel Allegra Fashion

We're back! Hope everyone's holidays were absolutely lovely and relaxing!

Today we're straying south of San Francisco, to LA, where designer Raquel Allegra makes gorgeous clothing by distressing the discarded T-shirts of inmates! She shreds and stretches till a plain white T-shirt looks like this:

Beautiful, no?

You can see more of her work on Shopflick,
a cool website that features new and emerging independent designers. The twist is that the designers AND their work are profiled in little video clips that add a whole new dimension to getting a feel for the clothing!