19. Happy Merry!

Wishing you all happiment and merryness in the New Year! I'm heading home to New Mexico for the hollydays, and will most likely not post at all till after the new year.
Leaving you with what I hope will be my first project of the new year:

A pink hair hat!

(via Sew Very Prairie)

And my number one wish-list item:

An amazing corset constructed out of vintage gloves. LOVE.

(from Louise Black)


18. Street Style: Color and Me.

Well, I saw about 10 stylin' guys today, but I was determined to find a woman and finally, within a block of my final destination I did. I love her whole look, but esp. her colors. They remind me of this shoe by Pour la Victoire:

And because you've all been so patient and because I figure its only fair to go around accosting strangers if I walk the walk and practice what I preach and what have you, so here's my outfit for today, sorry for the "interesting" pose, we'll work on that. :) Also, below is the necklace I'm wearing, close up.

Pants and top: thrifted and altered. Leggings: Costume Dept. Boots: Sam Edelman Necklace: handmade.

Have a wonderful weekend, my lovelies!


17. Dropsnap: Japanese Street Style

OMG. I am totally biased in favor of Japanese fashion. I think the more expressive people are with their outfits, the better. In fact, this blog should probably be called GO FOR THE GUSTO!! Sea of Shoes just introduced me to this blog: Dropsnap. It is japanese street style EYE CANDY. Check it:

That's what I'm talking about. If you see a crazy-patterned, sequin-y, drapy, asymettrical anachronistic ball of weirdness wandering the streets of SF tomorrow, that will be me. Be the change you want to see, right? ;)


16. Almost Done...

I should be back to stalking the streets soon - finishing up my last project today! Here's a look:

This is a fun project: I'm updating Joan of Arc's wardrobe for today. Interesting fact: the technicality she ended up being declared a heretic for was the fact that she wore male clothes! She was only 19 when she burned at the stake. Her story is really fascinating and the trial manuscript is incredible - she was a super intelligent and brave girl!

Anyhoo - thanks for your patience!


15. What I've Been Working On

Hello Everyone!

I may or may not have mentioned I am a fashion design student. So since the quarter end is nipping at my heels, my posting is not getting the attention it deserves. :) I miss blogging but please be patient, I'll be back! - for now, here's an image of one of my projects. Hope everyone is well!


14. Mystery Style Stars!

I really wish I had stopped the couple below...but after only 4 hours of sleep in a 64 hour period, there is a significant impairment in perception. When I took the below photo all I saw was black and studs.

It was only later, looking at the photo that I noticed her shoes with bows and double buckles:

And his spats:

And how amazing her purse really was:

..and a bunch of other things, like his bag and cap, and her trousers...ah, well.


13. Style Menagerie

Here there be dragons....

Can't see them? Look closer:

Fabulous (boots and style).

Here there be the cutest little cream colored dachshund wearing the most perfect little sweater ever. Red is definitely Lightning's color.

Puppies and dragons to make your Monday (evening) happy. :)


12. Style-portation: Miao people of China

Yet another feature we'd like to have regularly here at SF Styleoscope is STYLE-PORTATION! where we visit another place or time for style inspiration. That's not all! If you love the look we will ALSO have a modern interpretation for you to rock at your convenience. You're welcome. We're pretty excited, too. :)

So today the inspiration is the fabulous Miao ladies who hail from China. Interestingly enough, the signature textile of the Miao people is a shiny deep eggplant color. It's dyed first in indigo, then in pig's blood to get the color. The shine comes from coating the cloth with egg whites, which also renders it waterproof.

Amazing, no? LOVE the headgear.

Now here is the ss09 version (mind you, all the pieces featured below are from SS09 collections!):
Grab a piece by Naeem Khan

or by Tsumori Chisato

and accessorize it with one or all (preferably all) of these lovely necklaces:

{necklaces by (clockwise from upper left): Matohu (one of my favorite designers), Lanvin, Jacob Kimmie, Hiroko Koshino, Dries van Noten, Maurizio Pecorano}

{images from: www.cultural-china.com, travel-and-photography.blogspot.com, chinapictures.org, style.com, stylesight.com, Naeem Khan, and a-net.com}


11. Extreme Style

We'd be pretty excited if we saw any of the below sashaying around the streets of San Francisco.

{from top: A McQueen ss09, Manish Arora ss09, Victor and Rolf SS09, Hussein Chalayan ss09, Christian Lacroix ss09, Balenciaga ss09, Wunderkind ss09, A. McQueen SS09, Rodarte SS09, Chanel PF09}

{Images from Style.com}


10. FIDM Fashion

Been seeing a plethora of well-dressed men these days. It makes me happy. This gentleman demonstrates a KEY aspect of successful SF style: layering. No one can figure the weather out here, least of all me. We seem to be having summer in December. Hence the need to layer in such a way that your look looks complete no matter what stage of delayering you are at, as demonstrated above.

Such a cute look. Love the socks peeking out of the boots and the white button on the navy beanie. And the lips, natch.
Thank you!


9. Public Transport Style