27. Student Work ... Finally!

Originally, I set out to create this blog as a place where fashionphiles could all come together and rejoice at their communal coolness, but also and most importantly, as a showcase for student work - a place where fashion students, new designers, and people who simply like to create and sew could show the world the work they are proud of.

So I'm absolutely thrilled to show you some photo's from my classmate, Rachel's first fashion show. What an awesome experience and what a brave and talented individual! Check out her blog for more photos here.

Designer: Rachel Dagdagen
Photographer: Daniel Porter

Someone else who I really wanted to meet in person and photograph is the uber-talented Zana of the blog Garbage Dress. Unfortunately holiday schedules being what they are and seeing as she is skipping town here any day now to go to Berlin (!) I will make do with showing you the gorgeous photos she took of her creations and style.

There is so much unique and creative and gorgeous work being done out there by people who are not famous! I love ordinary people. Thanks Rachel and Zana for making beautiful clothes! You are a huge inspiration!