22. Sart Style

Yay or nay?

I personally am a yay. As a person who has always had trouble finding pants that fit, the drop-crotch (okay - can we not call it that? And hammer pants - also a no. Harem pants? Puts feminists in a tizzy...what do we call these pants???) is a god-send - super-comfy and I personally think, quite elegant - IF worn the right way.

Some tips for wearing harem pants:

1) Wear heels. Get some comfy platforms. For me, its the only way I can pull them (the pants) off.
2) My favorite top combo to wear is a tight tank tucked in, plus a bolero jacket/sweater. The silhouette should be tight through the waist, but with enough body and structure around the shoulders/bodice to balance the baggy-ness of the pants.
3)If the pants are fitted around the ankle and calf, I think they look better.

Maybe I'll post some pics of my favorite drop-crotch outfits later...

My favorite part though - the colors and the pattern mix - leopard and plaid. I'm a convert.