Interesting Retail Format

Kiosk. The store that paints pictures of places, a curated scrapbook of the ordinary objects that make somewhere home. Very compelling. Very fresh. A strange way to shop?



Love these from Dismissed

kentucky fried chanel

worshiping anna wintour

that's my fur

since everything is in our head we had better not lose them


i speak the language of the ancients

trends came and go, but some stay with us for ever. this is how a personal style is built - the sands of fashion are ever shifting, but in our personal geography, we choose what becomes dust in the wind or what becomes a layer of our landscape. Pendelton x Opening Ceremony Spring 2010.


Serious fur

Well, it has been a while, hasn't it? Apologies for my absence, FELIZ NAVIDAD Y PROSPERO ANO!!!!!!!! Fur, done SANS style: