40. Skip this post if you're tired of ETSY!!!

I give up. I'm officially a hard-core addict. I even tried to make a treasury for you people so this post could be condensed down to a mere link for those interested. But are the fates with me? No- the treasuries are full! So here we go!

Sellers: Kate Cusack
Nervous System Eninaj

Attila Design Lethilogica Bonzie

Tree and Kimball DMD Metal


Leanne Marshall F/W 09

SF FIDM grad, winner of Project Runway:

Her Fall 09 collection, which she apparently pulled together in like 3 weeks! What do we think? I love the two long dresses the most.
{Photos from thefashionspot.com}


38. Gone Rogue

There are a few pieces I have that, while I love them, I find them very hard to wear, so they just end up gathering dust. But today I put on my:
black pintucked chiffon dress and my:
mint colored vintage lace coat.
I layered them over my Zara drop crotch jumpsuit*, with a J crew scarf, target belt and PLV shoes. Voila - lookin' crazee!
(umm, in retrospect, I'd probably do a regular pair of pants were I to were this again...)


37. Amazing Gaultier dress

If you look closely you'll see the print is actually people reflected- and the cap sleeve is actually super sculptural. SO unique.


36. Poodlicious + one more thing

How cute is this outfit!

Sorry for the photo quality, I think my hands are shaking from the large quantities of caffeine in my system.

And try as I might, I cannot keep from bombarding you with Etsy yumminess. Here is a pebble necklace, made by sewing actual rocks in between layers of fabric by Ingred.


35. Belated Valentine's Inspiration

From W mag - March and Aug 08 issues.


inspiration | ma ke wu yong

Ma Ke's 2007 collection, pictured below, is entitled wu yong which translates to "useless." Asked about the title she responds, "Does today's usefulness correspond to the values of tomorrow? I want to create things, which though they may appear useless today, are the bearers of values for the future....I hope people will free themselves of the opposition between the useful and the useless in order to find out about the object of their desire."

In creating the collection she worked exclusively with hand-loomed textiles, burying them in the ground at times.

The top five images are taken by amazing photographer Zhou Mi. Check out his website, his work is amazing.

Love this! Hope you do too...

photonic syntropy
zhou mi


Haute Couture | Katsuya Kamo

Are the Chanel Couture 09 head-dresses not amazing?
Katsuya Kamo - Tokyo hairstylist/milliner - is responsible. What a suphairman! Haha. But for real, his work is genius! Look:

Shiny! Feathers! Asymmetry! LOVELY.


images --- setdesignthinking skelemitz cyanatrendland ---