12. Style-portation: Miao people of China

Yet another feature we'd like to have regularly here at SF Styleoscope is STYLE-PORTATION! where we visit another place or time for style inspiration. That's not all! If you love the look we will ALSO have a modern interpretation for you to rock at your convenience. You're welcome. We're pretty excited, too. :)

So today the inspiration is the fabulous Miao ladies who hail from China. Interestingly enough, the signature textile of the Miao people is a shiny deep eggplant color. It's dyed first in indigo, then in pig's blood to get the color. The shine comes from coating the cloth with egg whites, which also renders it waterproof.

Amazing, no? LOVE the headgear.

Now here is the ss09 version (mind you, all the pieces featured below are from SS09 collections!):
Grab a piece by Naeem Khan

or by Tsumori Chisato

and accessorize it with one or all (preferably all) of these lovely necklaces:

{necklaces by (clockwise from upper left): Matohu (one of my favorite designers), Lanvin, Jacob Kimmie, Hiroko Koshino, Dries van Noten, Maurizio Pecorano}

{images from: www.cultural-china.com, travel-and-photography.blogspot.com, chinapictures.org, style.com, stylesight.com, Naeem Khan, and a-net.com}