7. Style Scoped Out: Doe

A feature we hope to have regularly on Styleoscope is Scoped Out, where we meet with stars of the SF fashion scene. Our first stop was the absolutely adorable Doe,

a well-edited boutique in the lower haight that carries everything from cute home decor to stylish accessories and clothing. Many of their designers are local and independent.

We asked owner Kati Kim to share her thoughts on style and Marielle graciously agreed to model some of Doe's fabulous merchandise. (Click on the images to see them full-size)

1. Why is your store unique?

* we offer variety of pricepoints – from $1 candy and $3 packages of Japanese stickers to dresses, coats, jewelry and shoes in the $300 range.
* most goods – especially clothing and accessories, designed and produced on the west coast
* family owned and operated
*sister-store in noe valley
*e-commerce site with employee-produced blog
* lots of collaboration with artists and designers to produce exclusive goods
* employees often create original items for the shop


2. What is one item of clothing you could not live without?

One style – two versions. A Prairie Underground dress from two years ago. One is blue in size medium, the other is size small in dusty rose. It’s woven cotton with lace inserts and adjustable ruching detail at the hem. The bustline is fitted and it has a bustle effect at the rear. I’ve machine washed and dried these dresses countless times and they’re still in perfect condition.

Also, I could never live without oversize earrings and wedge boots (in the winter), wedge sandals when it’s warm.

3. What is your fashion pet peeve/ nightmare?

* The two-bag look
* Vintage clothing that hasn’t been washed before wearing and is stained, smells bad, or both!

4. Where do you get your style inspiration?

* The doe girls
* The hair stylists who work at the countless salons in the neighborhood, particularly Edo - also located on the 600 block of Lower Haight
* My two little girls (6 and 2) – I like to dress them first and coordinate my outfits accordingly

5. What's your favorite place in the bay area?

I have a few –
Oakland Marine Aquatic Park
Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park
Wholesale Flower Market at Halfmoon Bay
Japan Town

6. How would you describe San Francisco style?


MARIELLE'S GORGEOUS EARRINGS AND BAGS (yes, she makes them. Check her work out at Doe and here)

7. What was your favorite item of clothing as a child?

Oversized, cropped pink t-shirt screened w/ rows of puffy flamingos, from a tourist boutique called “Seaspray” in South Padre Island, Texas. I wore it tied at the side, usually with white short-shorts.

8. What's the weirdest/craziest piece of clothing you've ever worn?

Not one item, but a favorite outfit from fall 1998 – ankle-length green cord skirt by Nisa, rainbow striped v-neck top (pretty sure it was Esprit), purple patent high-tops w/ strawberry-print laces.

grey patent boots and Marielle's feather earrings

These awesome dove grey patent leather hidden wedge boots go with everything and are so fabulous. See:

9. What are the top songs/bands you're loving right now?

San Quinn’s Hyphy version of “San Francisco” kills me. Anything by Mac Dre. Sean Hayes, the Mountain Goats. Dolly Parton remixes.

10. Can you please suggest a fun DIY project to make as holiday gifts/decoration?

Paperwhite bulbs – buy them now before they’re gone!

You’ll need: Pebbles, a small cup or forcing vase, and a narcissus bulb. Fill container with pebbles, push the bulb so it’s ½ covered with stones, and water just to the middle of the bulb. When the plant blooms, the flowers will smell amazing! Also, with proper care and storage, the bulbs will bloom year after year.

Thanks so much, Kati and Marielle!
If you are interested in any of the items click on the links below for more info:
dark teal dress black ruffled dress purple dress printed dress grey boots metallic flats red bag