3. Style Blogs We Love

If any of you are looking for inspiration, you'll find it here (of course) but we'd also like to share five of our favorite style blogs.

1. Sea of Shoes
Really great shoes (as implied) and really great job mixing high, low and vintage fashion. What is also unique about this blog is that both a girl and her mother pose, and there is never a single miss. They always look amazing and unique.

2. Garance Dore
French fashion at its absolute best. Consistently gorgeous shots and style.

3. Hel-Looks
Helsinki fashion at its absolute best. If you're looking for unique and thrifted, avant-garde and out of the box, this is fabulous. The accompanying interviews with the subjects are a must-read.

4. Kingdom of Style
DIY, incredibly unique and adventurous looks.

5. The Sartorialist
Everyone knows the Sart, so we're probably not telling you anything new, but we can't not put the Sart in our top 5.

Go and be inspired!
P.S. If you have any faves, leave them in the comments! We love discovering new fashion genius!